It is a genuine honour to connect with you here.


I’m Amy, a Starseed Activator, Priestess, Oracle, Channel & Akashic Soul Guide.


I translate & anchor powerful multidimensional Lightcodes into the 3D Human experience, doing My Sacred part to assist the Human Collective to wake up within the Dream.


I Am a Living Stargate, Here to Awaken, Activate & Accelerate You into the Truth of Your Power, and to help You advance Your Soul Mission, Manifest Your Soul Vision, and Quantum Leap into Your Highest Timeline in this Life.


Throughout my life I have always felt vibrationally different.

I did not have a psychic childhood— in fact I was blessed to have a very stable childhood, and I got to enjoy the innocence of being a child.


However, I felt a strong connection to and awareness of My Mission.

I knew that I was here to be a mother, work with pregnancy & babies, and to speak beautiful, powerful truths channeled through My Crown & Heart that would assist Humanity to break free from the spell that had been cast upon Them.


I am a Pleiadian & Arcturian Hybrid Starseed.  I receive much of My personal guidance from My Arcturian Guide, Jahl. 

In this Human incarnation I spent the first 12 years of my adult life feeling extremely alienated, lost & confused.  

Human behaviour and Human society made no sense to Me, but because so many others around Me seemed to be unbothered by it, I concluded that the problem must be Me.

Eventually, after what felt like a looooooooong time, I figured out that I Am highly Intuitive & Psychic, that I Am always being guided by My Own Higher knowing as well as My Guide, and that the mission I have carried in My conscious awareness from the age of 2 is real, and that its fulfilment is what matters.


I worked through My fear of rejection & ridicule, and stepped into My Mission & My True Self, and what has transpired is absolute Magic.

I channel information from the Akasha, the Pleiadians & the Arcutrians to elevate, liberate & activate the Human Collective and other Awakening Individuals.

I mainly work with Starseeds and other Incarnated Multidimensional Beings.

If You are here, if You Are drawn to Me… You ARE a Starseed.


It is my greatest joy to be on this journey with you.

Thank you for being here.