> 90 minute session

> Channeled personalized Lightcodes

> Akashic retrieval & clearing

> Holographic Matrix Re-patterning


Together We: 

> Clear past & present life trauma & programs

> Remove energetic cords, hooks & implants

> Dissolve blocks & patterns

> Clear & Re-pattern Your Holographic Matrix

> Clarify Your current Mission including the greater vision & the next aligned steps 

> Clarify Your accessible Timelines & energetically anchor into the Highest Timeline You desire

> Money Alchemy to cleanse, clarify & upgrade Your Money codes

In this session I move a lot of energy, very fast.

90 minutes powerfully illuminates past influences, current guidance & future timelines, in a way that changes everything.

We shift what has been stuck for years, and leave you in a state of Activation that continues to yield and unfold for months. 


Who is this for?


This is for anyone ready to surrender & receive to complete transformation & activation.

You have already done some inner work (shadow work, inner child healing, trauma alchemy, etc.)

You are seeking clarity around your Soul Mission & how to fulfill it.

You are already in your power, and you are ready for a big up-level.

I'm currently only booking from a waitlist.
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I am so excited to share this time and space with you. 

If you are feeling called for more, feel free to check out my Akashic Mission Acceleration Mentorship below.


Sending you love and light,

Amy x