Finding Your Soul Mission, Manifestation, and 5D Consciousness

Finding Your Soul Mission, Manifestation, and 5D Consciousness

It's my soul mission to help people remember who they really are.

Your soul mission can be as simple as that.

As I was recording a Light Code for the LightCodes Membership, talking about Organic Ascension and the concepts of Ascension as I understand them, I decided that this was a message to be shared here.

This is something that impacts all of us in this Orbit.

What is Ascension? What does it mean? What is coming next? How do I navigate all the stuff that is coming for me? These are the most common questions around Ascension and stepping into your soul mission.

So many are still looking for their soul mission, and still wondering what it really is.

Are you overcomplicating it? Looking for your soul mission to fit into a job description? Focusing on the “how”? If you’re still considering your soul mission, consider that it’s probably actually pretty simple and the you’re confusing it with how am I going to make money?. But you don’t have to make money from your soul mission. Your soul mission gets to look and feel the way you want it to. You embody your soul mission.

 You are your soul mission. And the way that I know that this is my soul mission is because I want to do these things; these things that I don’t get paid for. I want to show up Live and on my podcast; I love opening up the possibilities for people.

You just know. Because you love doing it.

By the amazing miracle of life, there will be a whole bunch of cookie crumbs and nuggets guiding you to remember who you really are.

When I’m talking about remembering who you really are, I mean that you are so much more than *this*. I am Amy and I am More. Not that I’m more than Amy, but even as Amy, I am More than I currently understand Amy to be. My whole life experience as a continuous, beautiful unfolding of a deeper and richer knowing and understanding of who Amy is.

When I approach life in this way, I feel my power. I feel it strongly and I feel my magic. I feel the whole purpose of life. To me that IS the purpose of life; is to deepen and enrich my understanding of who this ego identity is. That this avatar that I am being in this life and through that journey I also deepen and enrich my understanding of who another person is, and another person is, and what is happening…

Through that lens of perception, through experiencing life in this way, I’ve also come to understand how to flow with life through its different phases. Its got beautiful phases that feel so blissful and so good and its got really challenging phases that feel so uncomfortable and so intense that your brain starts to automatically question what am I doing wrong and how do I course correct? Life can’t possibly be this way.  

Life offers such a broad spectrum of experience for us to encounter ourselves.


Also through this lens, I come to understand what manifestation really is. Manifestation is our superpower. It is our magic. And we take it for granted because it’s a term that’s been utilized in the “new age” community for some time now. Whenever a word becomes over-used… it’s almost like a game of telephone where the essence of what that word means get diluted and lost and misunderstandings pop up.

We create these thought forms collectively without necessarily realizing it as misunderstanding and so, terms like “manifestation” and “abundance” sound a bit cheesy to me. Even though I love manifestation and completely believe in abundance, the use of the word triggers a defense within me that is a sort of skeptical defense because of the thought forms of misunderstandings that get attached to them. 

Manifestation at its core essence is our ability to connect with timelines that already exist. These timelines have not physically manifested. We are the physical manifestors but the timelines exist, the energy pathway exists, infinite timelines…. all of them are possible. Some are more possible than others and some are more probable than others based on who you are right now, what you believe right now, what you believe about yourself and manifestation, what you believe about what you can have, what you believe is possible for you, what you believe about your worth…

All of these timelines exist and they are constantly branching off one another. We live in a universe of nothing but possibilities. Infinite, infinite, infinite possibility. And we have the ability to tap into all of it as humans. But some of it is closer to where we currently are. Some of it is a closer match, a closer vibrational match, to your beliefs. The miraculous thing about manifestation and why I find that it’s magical is essentially that those timelines are not physically manifested yet and, like anything that you desire to experience, it already exists. If it didn’t exist, you wouldn’t feel it as a desire. Your feeling it is your indication that it exists. Your conscious mind is late in the game. It’s already there and your unconscious mind is detecting that which already exists and is within your vicinity; within reach for you. And it’s calling to you. It’s trying to coax you along to become closer and closer to it so that it may manifest through you.

Ultimately what we’re doing is fine-tuning our entire being and our entire consciousness to match with the energy template of something that has not physically manifested yet and in-so-doing, translate it into physicality.

So we’re turning “nothing” into something.

5D Consciousness

We are being given the opportunity. There is this big, beautiful portal open for us to access those higher realms of creation and to experience physical life, because we don’t leave physical life. 5D consciousness is the experience within, you get to know yourself as you in the 3D. We don’t leave the 3D behind, but we don’t take all of it with us. The language around the 5D consciousness makes it sound as if we are leaving but that is not how it shows itself to me. It’s just our consciousness is shifting from hyper-focus on the dense experience of our ego identity in this avatar, individually and collectively. It’s shifting into a much more fluid, much more harmonious experience of our expanded self within this ego avatar. And when we get there we essentially tap into the version of Earth that is like a playground for us to just be here.