Alchemizing the Matrix

We live in a universe of nothing but possibilities. Infinite, infinite, infinite possibility. And we have the ability to tap into all of it as humans. We are being given the opportunity. There is this big, beautiful portal open for us to access those higher realms of creation.

Our consciousness is shifting from hyper-focus on the dense experience of our ego identity in this avatar, individually and collectively. It’s shifting into a much more fluid, much more harmonious experience of our expanded self within this ego avatar. And when we get there we essentially tap into the version of Earth that is like a playground for us to just be here.

Historically, we’ve been trapped in this false matrix projection of shit and lies and trauma-based mind control that have kept us on the false matrix. The false matrix is an entire webbed construct of bullshit. Our world, as it is now, is full of constructs- healthcare, education, justice, government. These things don’t exist in nature. We constructed them or they were constructed for us and we became, without realizing it, cooperative participants of our own entrapment.

But none of it is real and yet we interact with it and we allow ourselves to led and limited by these constructs that are not real. This is what I mean by the false matrix.

If we don’t reconnect with the organic matrix after engaging with a false environment, our brain doesn’t know the difference. It takes in information at face value and alters the way that we perceive ourselves, the environment that we’re in, life, and what is possible for us. For example, a move theatre, concert or a big show… this is an artificially constructed environment that shuts out the organic environment. It is a form of virtual reality and it has really mislead us. We’ve forgotten how incredible our organic environment is and how powerful we are. We’ve allowed ourselves to be directed by the false matrix and allied ourselves to create by default rather than create by our own full magic and power.


But can we take over the matrix, rather than eliminate it?

When I tune in, it feels as though it has to be eliminated.

It feels so ingeniously constructed and the energy behind it is not a forthcoming energy. It has grabby tentacles that want to wind themselves around our brain stem. Wind its way through our body and find all the trigger points hidden within.

It’s encoded with all of these ways to pull us in and keep us stuck here.

Unless we take over it by alchemy.


Alchemy is our greatest power.

It is soul purpose work to heal our own shit. Some of it is ours- the stuff we acquired through the living with our own lives. Truly our stuff that we have to be responsible for. But some of it isn’t ours- we’ve inherited it through generational trauma.


This can feel unfair -why the ffff should I have to deal with this?! my mother didn’t heal her stuff so now I have to heal if… ffff this- but it’s still yours that has been passed down to you. It’s okay for you to feel angry about it but that doesn’t change the fact that it is now yours to heal- or pass down. Your choice.

Your trauma doesn’t take away from your beauty.

When you explore these things and release them, you alchemize them, transmute them, change it so that it’s not charged anymore. It’s not charged in a way that it runs the show from the background. When you explore it and release the charge, do the work to unravel the storylines that maintain the charge and look at them with a new lens, what happens is you liberate so much of your own energy. That energy then gets put toward creation.

The crux of the matrix that has kept us separated from the truth of who we are is that they found a way to constantly highjack and harness our creative energy and keep it focused on the maintenance and suppression of layers and layers of trauma. Then they get to use our energy for what they desire. We are the batteries and we don’t even get to use it for ourselves. We numb out with binge eating, shopping, Netflix, going to the gym, holding shallow conversations… these are all ways we numb out because we are trapped in our own traumas.


It doesn’t have to be that way.

When you do your shadow work, you’re making yourself unfuckwithable. You own your shit, you’re intimately familiar with your shit. You’re not trying to shove your shit away somewhere and not try to look at it.

You can rule it, work with it. It doesn’t have to rule the show behind the scenes.


So much of our lives are dictated by the trauma that we don’t want to face. And the fear of our own vulnerability, as if you’re so fragile that you can’t possibly feel these emotions. 95% of our decisions are made from a place of not wanting to go near our trauma. Our trauma is painful and if we don’t know how to deal with it, it’s scary. But remember, your trauma is just memories and emotions. Then you realize how much of your energy and decisions have been trying to keep your trauma suppressed.

You just realize how much of your own potential is being lost.

Your triggers are showing you where you need to heal. Your triggers are your friend. They just want to set you free.

They are a gift if you choose to harness them. These narratives are allowing us to work through all of these multi-layered things. You can’t make others heal, harness anything or face their traumas. But you can clean up your own traumas. When you clean up your own, all the energy is liberated and our cup overfloweth. And it just radiates out to everyone.

Deal with your trauma. And then manifest beautiful things.