The Priestess Archetype and Being an Oracle

Being an Oracle is a self-appointed title. Yet, who else would appoint me, aside from myself?

It is me who is seeing and honoring the way that I interface with the energy of being alive, being able to sense subtle energies, sense things before they come, sense bigger patterns, and receive information that then formulates into a context that I can transmit to others in the hopes of having something to contribute to your experience in what often feels like a noisy world with so many people talking.

I am here for the spiritual awakening. I am here for the realization that we are so much more than what we’ve been led to believe. 

But I am also here for the other channels and oracles, readers, healers, wayshowers, lighthouses.



I make space every single day to channel.

It’s like breathing oxygen to me. I can’t imagine not doing it. I’ve always had a connection to spirit. I’ve always been a very spiritual person. That is the lens in which I view my reality.

There was a time I shelved it. I went on a journey with my own spiritual awakening and got to the point where I was tired of feeling lonely and dysfunctional. I felt like What was wrong with me? Why can’t I be content with my own slice of the pie like everyone else?

The difference between me and “everyone else”, as I perceived it at the time, was that I was spiritual and I questioned things too deeply. I felt things too deeply. So I tried to betray that and I shelved it for a while in pursuit of other, more mainstream things. 

I can tell you that I was not happier during this time. When I was pregnant with my son,  it all came flooding back. All of my connection with spirit, everything that was really important to me came flooding back and I realized that everyone is on their own soul journey and I don’t get a say in what happens. I had to navigate that space of massive vulnerability and the  greatest tool I had was my spirituality.



Following my son’s death, I started to get channeled messages.

I remember receiving my soul purpose when I was channeling:

I am a light bringer. I am a divine truth singer. I am a beacon of grace and love. I am my Christed self and I transmit frequencies of freedom, joy, and enlightenment to all those I connect with.

When I received that, it was a powerful activation telling me that I have to show up for this. I had to make my way through the labyrinth of my self doubt and limiting beliefs to figure out how to show up and channel and share it. 

I could feel that the messages I was sharing were not only for me. They were for others to help them understand what was going on. It was a slow journey of showing uo and sharing my messages but now it is so integrated in my life that it is a daily practice.

It is my nature. My first nature.

The thing that inspires me to do it and share it is knowing the way that others have impacted me through their channelings. Every message that is meant for you will find you if you are open to it. It will hold a piece,  a bite of information, that activates something within you that is already in there. It’s a knowing that you already have.

We are all interacting with each other in this field of sparkling illumination. All of us who are aiming to hold more light consciousness 

I know the difference that it can make.

I am important. The things that come through me are important. You as the receiver are important.

When you know that you’re receiving an insight that other people need to hear

You are an open vessel to receive wisdom that is (outside of me) not produced by me trying to assemble wise thoughts. It is me tapping into a field where the wisdom exists and be willing to set aside my own self doubt enough that the information can come through and I can share it with others.

Another thing that motivates me to channel is  the difference that it’s made in my experience in life and how it keeps bringing me into greater and greater alignment with myself because when I open myself up to that field of divine consciousness there is no choice but for me to calibrate to it. It’s not going to calibrate to me. They're not going to calibrate down. I have to calibrate up. The results in my life have been amazing. Most notably in the way that I feel.



Half of the challenge is interpreting things. The first time that I showed up to channel was in channeling The Priestess Transmissions. Even though I had been going into the Akashic field every day for several years, it was hard to channel that level of frequency. It was contrasting to a lot of my own beliefs about myself and the way that I was living.

The Priestess Transmissions is a series of heavily encoded individual transmissions all about the Priestess Frequency and the role that it plays in the experience that we’re having moving forward right now. There is such a big difference in the energy of the collective. Receiving more light and more energy than our vessels are actually ready to hold, yet the light is going to continue to increase. The boundary between the 3D and 4D realm that we exiss in and the 5D realm is becoming thinner and more permeable. Yet the distance between the vibrations of where we are in our 3D/4D consciousness and the vibration in 5D is huge. 

So even though we can access it more than ever before, it is still so different that it feels like burning from the inside out. It’s intense. Burning in the form of physical sensations (headaches, flus, hives, lack of sleep, ringing in the ears, etc), massive emotional purging, mental limitations or complete expansion in our ability to cognitively comprehend what’s going on around us.

The Priestess is one of the archetypes that is leading the way. We came with the intention of making ourselves within the frequencies and being able to surf these waves. TO be able to ride the crest of them so that we can swim instead of drown- use these energies to get where we actually want to go. The 5D is more of a location than I ever thought. It’s a frequency location where the conscious level of creation is different.

If you feel like you carry the Priestess archetype, grab your copy of The Priestess Transmissions! Take these transmissions in and allow yourself to be activated. You are so needed right now.