The Power of the Priestess

Whether you know and fully claim Sacred Sister Priestess for yourself or not, if you have come across this blog post and this website, chances are very very high that you are templated with the Priestess Frequency. Otherwise it wouldn’t have even crossed  your radar.



One of the important messages that came through to me in December 2020 is that we are going through an energetic bifurcation of consciousness on Earth. Unquestionably we are going through a Great Awakening period but it is also so much more than that.

For a long time, the true, uncorrupted Divine Blueprint of the human genomic potential has been dormant. It has gone to sleep for the purposes of survival. It has been required of us to put ourselves to sleep for hundreds of years in order to survive the systems of power that have the monopoly on Earth.

But we are currently going through something that is so monumentally transformational. We’re going through a portal whereby souls who are incarnated in human form are able to access more of their memories, more of their knowing of who they are, and more of their innate extra-sensory abilities. Not only that, we are returning to the true potential of what is available to us as marvelously sensitive light-filled creatures, beings upon this Earth.

We are remembering different ways of doing things; radically different from the ways that we have organized ourselves, the systems that have been organized on our behalf that we have been coerced into, radically different ways that have almost completely left our memory. In some ways they have left our memory.

But we are returning to it now.

Old systems are crumbling. Old power structures are falling away and it is creating space for something new to be built. This is as it should be. It is much the same as sap rising in the trunk after a long winter, as the temperatures begin to thaw and eventually leading to the blooming of the leaves on the trees. It is a season, it is preordained. It is in its perfection.



This is not necessarily a matter of human creation, it is a beautiful step in evolution through the entire galaxy, the entire universe. An evolution in consciousness and we humans are playing our beautiful role on Earth at this time. So importantly it is the Priestess who is the living template, the living Stargate that has her memories, her intact memories, and her codes closest to the surface, ready to be awakened first.

It is the power and the decisiveness of the Priestess, the willingness to step beyond the limitations of all of the programming that we have received through millenia. It is her willingness to allow the full reactivation of her power that sends out a  beacon to other humans that they are safe in doing so as well.

More and more I am seeing those coded with the Priestess template stepping forward and radiating their innate, divine feminine wisdom. We carry a special frequency that allows us to deeply contain and understand the mysteries, the sacred mysteries, without trying to force them to reveal themselves. We can contain the mystery and act from a space of deep reverence to that mystery. We have oracular powers of being able to transcend the human experience of time and direct our gaze into the past, into the future but maintain all of our power in the present moment from which everything manifests.

The Priestess contains a special level of prepared power to be able to anchor in these new frequencies, these new and yet original frequencies in a way that takes them from being beautiful words and beautiful concepts and applies them into the 3D experience. This is about rearranging our social structures, the way that we organize ourselves and relate with each other. 

This is about creating an entirely new human experience.

This is Earth-changing. This is consciousness-changing. It’s what we are created,  designed, and prepared to do. Priestess you have prepared for lifetimes. This isn’t a role that feels pretty to put on as a costume. If you are here and you are resonating with my words and the frequency that I am transmitting– even if you don’t fully understand it, even if you shy away from it, even if you feel like you don’t have the base language to pick up what I’m putting down– you carry the Priestess codes. There is something within you that has prepared over lifetimes. Lifetimes on Earth and lifetimes elsewhere, other realms, other dimensions of existence.

You have prepared yourself for this time. This beautiful, intense, auspicious time in human evolution. To be a pioneer, a wayshower, a living Stargate. The time is now, Sister. The time is now for all of us.

If you resonate with these words, even as your human concept of self hesitates and pulls back,  listen to the resonance, follow the resonance. You are here for a reason. You cannot possibly be more important. It’s time for you to activate your mission. If your mission is already activated, then it is time to activate it to a whole new level. 

I see you in your power. I see you. 

I see the thing that you can’t yet see in yourself because it can feel hard and confronting. I see all the things that you are ready to see. If you feel the urgency of this call, if you feel the realness of how the time is now and all of your power is here for you and available for you now to impact the world in ways that go so far beyond what your human imagination can conjure up, hesitate no longer Sister. Step in with us.