Shadow Alchemy and Softening Ourselves


Shadow work and shadow alchemy  is opening up to the parts of ourselves that have been rejected for whatever reason. Ultimately, we are the ones who have rejected these parts of ourselves but we have rejected these things out of self protection and self preservation from pain, trauma, fears, and self condemnation, often based on interaction we have had with other people. People who have been cruel or careless with us, who have hurt us and dishonored us. So we create a shell around our being and hide it away.

We can’t ever remove the shells we have created but we bury them deep within so we “forget” about them.

Out of sight, out of mind.

There are so many treasures within the shells we’ve created. When we crack open the shell and see these aspects of ourselves that we’ve buried, when we can be present with these things, we find that there was a jewel within it. We can see the magic there. There is so much beauty to be found within those discarded aspects of ourselves.

But it’s some work to get there.



Birth and death are both portals. As someone dies, a portal opens for them to move to the other side. As someone is born, a portal opens for them to transition from the other side into this realm. Seasonally, we experience this as well.  The veil between the physical and non-physical worlds begins to get thinner, starting with the Summer Solstice, so that, by the time we get to Samhain (Halloween/October 31), we are entering the final phase of the turn inward, into the death portal. 

During this time we can easily access the things that are not subject to our 3D and 4D experience of time. We can access the astral better- where all things exist at the same time, the dream space, the ghost space where ancestors can be connected through.

This is a time to dance with our own shadow; connect with the thinness in the veil.

This is the time for shadow alchemy, soul retrieval, lineage exploration, and astral communication. We can access shadows with more clarity and recognize our entity attachments so we can release these things with love, sovereignty, and power.



We fear our shadow, fears, and triggers. It doesn’t feel good and it’s hard work but we are equal to the task. Our emotions are intense but they can’t take us down unless we allow them to take us down. And we only allow them to take us down under the perception that they have power over us. But they don’t. 

Our emotions carry a vibration that seeks to be integrated and transformed

Our inclination is to push our emotions away because we don’t want to feel that way. However, if we push our emotions away,they amplify. Our emotions are here to tell us something. They are not your enemy and you don't have to be afraid of them.

Further, pushing our emotions away creates even more of what we don’t want. Pushing them away tells ourselves that there is something to be fearful or anxious of. So we have to push on it to try and get rid of it But that doesn’t make it go away. It amplifies and feeds off itself.

Soften to your emotions and allow them to be there.

Allow your emotions to be, and when they are done with their work, they dissipate on their own.



Ten year ago, shadow work and shadow alchemy was fringe, considered a waste of time or self serving. But it is actually of massive, massive service to the collective, to your family, your personal relationships. Yet you're not doing it for other people’s benefit, you're doing it for yourself to bring about completion of your own experiences and themes of your waking dream experience. Taking the loose ends of the circuit and closing them off or completing them so that they are no longer shorting out.

The ripple effect is powerful.

It’s more important now because the ascension is inevitable. Part of the ascension process is to bring about the closure and completion of things so that we are no longer carrying around dense baggage that doesn’t serve us. This is an amazing time to create a shadow alchemy journey for yourself.



A portal within the portal. Create a circle space, in whatever size you have available to you. You can create a circle by tracing with your finger or spreading sea salt around the circle. The circle creates a barrier so that nothing uninvited can cross the barrier.

Get comfortable when sitting, place a candle in the middle, burn sage or incense. Bring a journal, essential oils, and whatever you’re feeling called to bring. The most important thing to do in your circle is to do what feels good for you.

Sit in meditation and allow your shadows to come through you. The stories you tell yourself that no longer serve you, the triggers you no longer want to carry forward, and anything else you’re ready to let go of.

Remember the process looks different for everyone. The process is not the thing. Your intention is.

This whole human experience of life on Earth is like a dream. It is real and it is a concept. An interactive, responsive matrix of interconnected woven fabric. This dream is coming to an end.

That doesn't mean that there is nothing after this. But this dream wants to complete itself so that we can start a new dream. The great dreaming mind is ramping up and turning more and more intense and glitchy. Those moments you say to yourself Is this really real? Is this really happening?

Our shadows are being triggered left, right, and center. On a collective level and an individual level. Yet the only influence we have over the collective is by taking the reins over ourselves as individuals. We are having wounds triggered right now. Wounds around freedom, tyranny, divisive narratives and societal division, and so much more. Everything that has been hiding below the surface in our shadow is coming to the surface. It desires to be completed and integrated.

Yet we don't have the power of the collective to bring it to the end. We can’t make other people see things the way that we see them. It will come to an end. But the only actual power we have is over ourselves- our own shadow alchemy and integration.


Soften yourself to the process of shedding all that no longer serves you. Soften yourself to the knowing that your shadows hold so much light. So much power. So much magic.