Ready to attune and calibrate to your multidimensional self?

Calibrate to this frequency with:





✧ 1 Akashic Deep Dive / Month


✧ 1 Lightcode Channeling / Month 


✧ Private Voxer Support


 ✧ Custom Lightcode Meditation, Symbol, Movement, & Mantra 


✧ VIP Upgrade includes access to 12:TWELVE (3 month commitment)





About Amy Belair


I’m Amy, a Starseed Activator, Priestess, Oracle, Channel & Akashic Soul Guide. 

I translate & anchor powerful multidimensional Lightcodes into the 3D Human experience, doing My Sacred part to assist the Human Collective to wake up within the Dream.

I Am a Living Stargate, Here to Awaken, Activate & Accelerate You into the Truth of Your Power, and to help You advance Your Soul Mission, Manifest Your Soul Vision, and Quantum Leap into Your Highest Timeline in this Life.