Does Money feel like a mystery to you?

Does Manifestation feel like a mystery to you?

I get it!

And I've got you.

Hiya beautiful Souls!!


Welcome to The Lightcodes of Money!


This is a 2-part training on the Truth about the energy that we call Money, healing your bullshit around Money, and MANIFESTING MONEY!



I used to struggle with Money SO HARD. 


It was a real source of discouragement and pain for me.
(maybe you can relate)


I had a lot of shame and low-self worth around my ability to take care of myself and my son, to pay my own way, and to pay off my debt (while constantly accruing more and more debt...)


It took me some years... haha... but I've figured it out! 


Now, I consistently Manifest Money with ease. It's not hard at all.  And I'd love to share this information with you!


The cost is $88 USD for LIFETIME access! I won't hold anything back either just because of the low cost-- that's just not my jam.


I'm gonna give you what I've learned so we can all prosper!


There's also a bonus module where I went into the Akashic Records to ask some major money questions submitted by my community.


I honestly feel like this is worth WAY MORE than $88... but if you're feeling like you'd benefit from this kind of information, I'm guessing chances are high that you also don't feel like you have a lot of $$ to spend, so I'm keeping the price affordable.


Believe me-- I am not holding back.  Just because this is an $88 training (and not an $888 training...) doesn't mean it is watered down and weak.  I don't operate that way.


My greatest passion is sharing this information at price points that are accessible to most people (while still honouring how much energy and work I put into it).


This information is how I completely changed my experience with Money without changing anything strategically.




”Light Codes of Money with our own Oracle of the 7 Heavens Amy was really eye opening. Can't wait to implement what I learned."

-Tin Man

”Amy blows my mind....again."


”Understanding money at a soul level, through the Akasha is what finally improved my money mindset."


As with all my courses, you get lifetime access.



Watch the course on desktop or through the mobile Kajabi App. Convenient AF. Enjoy!