Hello Beautiful Soul.
Thank You for Your interest in this Private Mentorship.

This Mentorship is a deeply supportive & powerful portal of Transformation, Activation & Acceleration. It is for the Soul-aligned Human, ready to step into the next level of Your Power & Potency as You Live Your Soul Mission.

Stepping into the fullness of Our True Power has never been more important, and yet it is very challenging.

To do so brings up
Our deep fears...
Our programs...
Our past traumas...
Our blocks & limiting beliefs...
that keep Us cycling around in the same eddies of ineffectiveness.

It is hard to break through these old programs on Our own. Allowing Ourselves to receive Soul-aligned support does so much to speed up the process & deeply anchor the transformation into Our beliefs & Our nervous system.

My current calling is to Activate & Accelerate Other Soul-aligned Humans
into the next level of Their Power & Their Mission in this Life.

This set of questions is designed to be an Activation and an energetic healing & alignment in and of itself.

Not only does it help Me to get to know You & understand Your current frequency, it also allows You the opportunity to Self-assess and determine if this does feel like the most Magical, Aligned, Perfect, next step for You.

Please know that Your answers are Sacred to Me and will be kept confidential. I will read all of it, and hold You with reverence & Love, whether We ultimately work Together or not.

So please take the time to reflect on these questions & share your honest answers.

Let's allow the Transformation begin!